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On This Platform, You Can Compete Anywhere In The World, Against Anyone In The World!

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About Us

Our business is providing a platform where anyone with that entrepreneurial spirit can start a video competition business online for a very low cost.

Becoming An Owner

Persons buying our platform will run events, such as competitions, tournaments, challenges, and fundraisers thereby providing new excitement, for their (clients, students, family, and friends).

Finds You New Clients

The platform will also help owners build their business by finding them new clients each month, through the use of detailed reports we provide.

The Events

Purchasers of the platform will have the ability to create events with up to four categories of competition and challenges, in a month of their choosing.


It automatically increases the income of the businesses that use the platform by having their clients pay entry fees right to the owners PayPal account.

Social Media

They can run competitions for their own business or invite other businesses and schools to join their event by sending emails, posting to Facebook, G+, and Twitter.

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Parents & Competitor

Watch your Son or Daughter in elegant 3D theaters, created by International companies such as Sony, Apple, LG, Microsoft and Google.

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Beta testers wanted to test new Martial Arts, Dance, Gymnastic or Cheerleading platforms. Testings pay anywhere from a few hundred dollars to a couple of thousand dollars.

Please indicate the business model you are interested in by clicking the link below. You are able to visit more than one.

Martial Arts
6 Months

6 Months

6 Months