Virtual Competitions Online

|| About Us


What We Are About!

Our business is providing a platform where anyone with that entrepreneurial spirit can start a video competition business online for a very low cost.  

Persons buying our platform will run events, such as competitions, tournaments, challenges, and fundraisers thereby providing new excitement, for their (clients, students, family, and friends). It automatically increases the income of the businesses that use the platform by having their clients pay entry fees right to the owners PayPal account. Not only that, the platform will also help owners build their business by finding them new clients each month, through the use of detailed reports we provide. 

Here Is How It Works

Purchasers of the platform will have the ability to create events with up to four categories of competition and challenges, in a month of their choosing. They can run competitions for their own business or invite other businesses and schools to join their event by sending emails, posting to Facebook, G+, and Twitter. 

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Competition Ideas

Businesses using our platform: Hot Spot Comedy, Actors & Actresses, Public Speaking, Crazy Ass Cats, Get Your Music Heard Here, Meccanoid Personnel Robot, Talent Contests, Martial Arts, Dance.

Other Ideas

Gloving, Gymnastics, Dance, Swimming, Karaoke, Break Dancing, Raising Capital, Singing, Magic, Creative Hairdos, Cooking, Nails, Basketball, Guitar Play, Dirt Bike, Dancing. Can you think of some you would like to try?

Video Link: Click Here

Video Link: Click Here

Our Promise To You...

1.    Our development team is always monitoring trends and will keep on tweaking Virtual Competitions until it suits all of your needs.
2.    We plan on releasing additional tools, features and capabilities to make Virtual Competitions even more effective and efficient for you.
3.    We want you to get the most from your investment, which is why we welcome all your ideas and feedback to improve Virtual Competitions.


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Welcome! Looking To Get Started?

Great! I'll be able to give you an idea of some of the things you can do while visiting us. If you are a first time Visitor, or Competitor, and would like to vote, compete or just watch some really great videos, of family and friends competing.  Look up to your right, do you see the words log in and register. Go ahead click there! Once logged in, you will be able to give the videos you watch here on Virtual Competitions, the maximum amount of star votes.  Competitors can use this area also, just make sure you fill out the form for competitors. Once you have your competitor log in, you will be able to join any of the competitions shown in our calendar. School owners, looking to partner with us by purchasing our online platform may do so by clicking the registration tab on our navigation bar. Advertisers looking for advertising opportunities will also use our navigation bar. Thank you, Have fun!

|| More Leads Than You Can Use

Do You Know Why Your Lead Generating Efforts For Your Schools Are Not Effective?

Answer: Because you’re not making any money at the same time you’re looking for leads. On our website, you will receive a new report each month, from us, with leads of friends and family that took the time to vote for your students. Your students, once in your competition, will also place links to their videos on Facebook, G+, Twitter, Instagram and everywhere else. It makes no sense to doing something like "generating leads" by old and antiquated systems, cold calling, coupons and newspaper ads, only to wait months for results. (If you’re lucky)


|| School Owner Instructions

Please watch this video first: Click Here 


The one thing everybody wants more of, can never get enough of, and never wants to waste. So what is the Virtual Competitions really selling?

Time, that's right, time that frees up school owners, to generate more income, find new leads and create new excitement in their classes...and it can all be done right here on this simple to use new platform.

School owners all want three things, to increased school income, generate new student leads and add new excitement to their classes.  This has always amounted to massive time and money spent by school owners. Not Anymore!

With this platform, businesses, and schools are afforded more time just by the fact they don't have to add anything new to their teaching routines and the platform does the rest.

Parents, love this, their lives are consumed by complicated scheduling chores every day. If you can find just one way to help parents utilize their time more effectively by implementing time savings activities for their children, I am sure it would be much appreciated. Now add giving Mom and Dad a way of arranging for grandparents, friends, and family to enjoy watching the children's videos on a platform you have provided. Mom and Dad will have these videos going everywhere by sending them to facebook, twitter, G+, and Instagram. You have just made their children Superstars!


A different way to run a tournament.

You have a tournament coming up. Students, past & present, that want to attend but, for some reason, cannot. What about schools you invited, friends of yours for years, unable to participate because of timing or prior obligations? Good news! With the technology of today, you can now optimize your tournaments by running an online component to your events. There is no longer a reason for anyone to miss out on the action! Your tournaments can recapture all those old students, friends, and maximize your earning potential, with “”.  It’s as easy as 1,2,3!

School Owners That Want To Join Other Schools Event.

Can do that here! This is accomplished by creating a no longer than 4 minutes’ video in each of the categories business owners create.  Tournaments run from the first of every month to the 25th. That’s when the Business Owners and School Owners come together to vote for the very best competitors and will find their Grand Champion 

Judging on this website is done by the following methods:

Social Media Voting

Accumulated Star Voting and views. Each view is worth a half of a star vote. 20 views = 10 stars

Visitor and competitor, that sign into their account can give up to 5 Star Votes 

To Find Best Overall Competitors

School Owners will also be able to designate School Instructors for judging student videos.  School Owners will activate the instructors from within the “school owner's admin." Up to four instructors may be chosen; special codes will be generated and given to each instructor by the school owner.

This code when used will tell the software it is being used for the sole purpose of finding the best overall competitor.

Judging international competitions. Students videos are rated by having classmates, family and friends visit our website.

School Owners will be looking for the winners of each category in their "respective schools".

Winners will be found in the two above mentioned ways, producing two winners for each category. "Social Media Winner" Accumulated Star Votes and views.  Winners found by this method will be hailed as SCHOOL WINNERS.

The second method will find the Best Overall Competitors" by use of a code generated by the School Owner for his purpose.

Scoring of all schools must be completed by the 25th of the month. The winners of this second method will move on to the international competition. 

School Owners "Only" will now come together to rate the winners of each of the competing schools.

Each school owner has 1 vote. The Winners of each category will be the competitor with the most Stars and  Views given to them by a School Owners, Only.

Martial Arts School Owners have in their schools' admin:

       A way to view Students Info, Students Videos, Adjust entry fees, Choose Judges, View Reports and much more.

The ability to create a “Tournament Name” that will show up in our Calendar, that will host all Tournaments being run in that year. This creates an easy way for other martial arts school to pick and choose schools they want to participate with.

The ability to designate school instructors as judges for upcoming events to find the best overall competitors.

To view detail reports of students participating in monthly tournaments.  View visitors participating in the rating of videos, and to receive that data as leads for their schools.  Automatic winners reports.

Team Competitions

School Owners have the ability to create and run team events on their websites platform. This option is located within the school owners admin in the right-hand corner. The ability to create a team exists solely by utilizing classmates of your school that are registered annual members of the Virtual Competitions web-platform. Team building is simple. Just check the box next to the names of the players you want on your team. As a school owner, you will be able to charge each member an entry fee to join your team. Once all team members have paid their entry fee our software will allow a team video to be submitted. Up to four teams may be created in any month. Competitors will create their videos with their team members and submit them to your YouTube Account, where they will wait for your review and then submission to the competition.

School Owners Please Note:

Competitors also have the ability to create teams by choosing classmates in the same way you do. They can create videos with their classmates on their own. These videos can then be submitted to your YouTube account to wait for your review and approval. Even though competitors will not have the ability to upload their videos to the competition, they will have access to the list of other students that are annual members and available to be on their team.

Digital Strategy

Tell your students they will
be competing online.


Tell your students you will help 
them and teach them how
to create some really great
Karate movies, with them as the star!

Social Media

Once your student’s videos have been
created and are now online, parents
will start sending friends and family
to your site. Just as all proud parents 
do, they will use YouTube, Facebook, G+, 
Twitter, Instagram to get “STAR” Votes.
They're going to be famous!

Email Marketing
Your students’ will tell everyone they
know about your school and your new
website, as they ask for their votes.

Analytics & Reports
Each month, you will receive a report of all your
student’s friends and family that have
visited your website and voted for them.



|| We Love Helping Our Friends


Inside The Package

  1. Entry fees right to your PayPal account
  2. Receive new leads each month of visitors that came and voted for your students (names, zip codes and phone numbers)
  3. Monthly reports archive to your back office and sent to your email
  4. Quick start videos
  5. Systematic training videos
  6. School Owners Admin/Office
  7. View your student’s profile
  8. View student’s videos
  9. View visitor profiles
  10. Delete and replace student videos
  11. Students receive rewards for voting on classmate’s videos
  12. Instantly share video to social media
  13. Monthly winners placed in “The Hall Of Fame”
  14. All videos are shown in 3D theater along with stats votes, Comment, and likes
  15. The ability to compete with your whole organization
  16. The ability to compete with other schools around the world
  17. Business model can be used for any business Dance, Gymnastic etc.
  18. Run Fundraisers
  19. Low “onetime” sales price of $95 with right to sell your business
  20. One year guarantee
  21. 24/7 help line with phone numbers
  22. Real voting by real judges
  23. Social Media Voting with Star Votes and Views
  24. Income from advertising
  25. End of month automation (find winners, generate leads and reports)
  26. Communicate with all competitors by email right in your schools’ admin
  27. Setup your PayPal Account inside your Admin
  28. Selfies uploads to platform with active contests

|| Rules



Tournaments run from the first of every month to the 25th …Instructors will be able to judge videos at any time in the competition month and must be done by the  27th.

Judging on this website will be done by the following:

1.            Accumulated Star Voting and Views: (Registered Visitor) may view videos and award up to five-star votes per video.  If a video is viewed by a un-registered visitor the video will receive a half of a star vote. 20 views = 10 stars.

2.            School Owners may designate for the purpose of finding the overall best competitors in their school up to four instructors. These instructors will receive special login codes that when used will provide the software the ability to find the best competitors of each school. Once the best competitor of each category is found by each school by the 25th of that month, the owners of each school participating in the tournament will vote on all competitors from each school finding the winners of each category.

|| 1. 2. QUICK SRART


Why compete? Competitions are about a lot more than great prizes and having fun. They allow participants to learn, show their skills, compare their results and share their talents with other students.

“Go all in! It’s worth the time and effort. At the end, you will have made new friends, learned some great techniques and got some hands-on experience.” 

Memberships on our websites are family memberships under one email address. We charge $25 for an annual membership, which includes your entry fee into your first competition with us.

1, 2, Quick Start Student Information:

1. Registration: ( Upper right-hand corner.) First-time registrations will be taken to PayPal to pay Annual Membership Fee.

2. Logins proceed to your profile (Upper Right-Hand corner small down arrow) Once in your profile (Enter a YouTube Url in the appropriate box.) or Click on your Schools Youtube URL and follow the link to your YouTube Video. Copy URL and come back to this page to enter URL.

Your Video must be “Approved” by your school owner before being placed on the website. This may take a little time. You can check that evening.

Important Note: Have friends and family you send to our website to vote for you “register”, (it’s FREE).  Now,  they can give you the maximum amount of star votes. Non registered viewers will only be able to give you a half of one star.

Note: Don’t wait until the month the tournament starts, doing this ASAP is best, you will start accumulating star votes and views today. 

Here Is A Handy Tip:

When your students vote on just 3 other classmates videos, they will receive “10 extra star votes” for their own video. School owners love to award prizes to students that are participating in events held by their school.

Important to know:

When you place a video into a competition, you will have only 24 hours to delete that video and replace it with a new one. You can do this from your profile page. Videos entered after the 21st of the month cannot be changed.

Team Competitions

Competitors also have the ability to create teams by choosing classmates they would like on their team. This option is located within the competitor’s profile in the right-hand corner. The ability to create a team excites solely by utilizing classmates of your school that are registered annual members of the Virtual Competitions web-platform. These videos can then be submitted to your schools YouTube account to wait for a review and approval of your school owner. Even though competitors will not have the ability to upload their videos directly to the competition, they will have access to the list of other students that are annual members and are available to be on their team.

More Fun Stuff:

Families that wish to run fundraisers for local charities may do so by purchasing our platform here:

Tournaments/Challenges & Events

Tournaments run from the first of every month to the 25th. Instructors will be able to judge videos at any time in the competition month and must be completed by the  27th.

Judging on this website:

1. Accumulated Star Voting and Views: Register Visitor may view videos and award up to five-star votes per video.  If a video is viewed by an unregistered visitor, the video will receive a half star vote. Example: (20 views = 10 stars)

2. School Owners may designate up to four instructors, for the purpose of finding the overall best competitors, in their school. These instructors will receive a special login code that when used will provide the software the ability to find the best competitors of each school. The best competitors of each category will be selected by their school owners to compete in the overall competition. Note: Owners will now vote on the first place winner from each school by the 27th. of that month producing one overall winner.