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School Violence
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 School Safety

Violence has been around forever but school shootings have not. So what has prompted this new way of engaging in the most hideous of all violent acts? I am sure what I have to say will not make me popular with some, however, it needs to be said. Young parents, they are responsible not old parents, not the Grandmothers and Grandfathers. You have managed to desensitize your children. Blood, mangled bodies, any kind of violence is now acceptable. No reason to look away. Now they laugh, show friends, post, take videos. A school fight something that happened every day when I was growing up in the Bronx in the late 50s and early 60s was immediately stopped by other children, teachers and by people just passing by. Today camera comes out and the fight gets posted on Facebook. Violence in games, violence on television, violence in the never-ending media coverage. I remember when I knew for sure we were all in trouble it was when a new game was introduced for most of the popular game console of that time. It’s kind of funny how something small can grow into something so large and cultural.  Case in point.  In the late 90’s, an up and coming team from DMA Design released a top-down over-the-top action game called Grand Theft Auto.  Since its release, the world hasn’t been the same since.  Millions of gamers everywhere have gotten into the pure thrill of carjacking, creating havoc, and just plain doing things criminal, and the series hasn’t slowed down at all. All we hear is about Gun Violence and we need to take away the guns of law bidding citizens. That's not the answer and never will be the answer because the facts are it takes a good guy with a gun to defeat a bad guy with a gun. A better look at what we have done to ourselves can be seen in how we have created so many soft targets for people that wish to do us harm. No Weapons Allowed, In School Zone, Public Buildings, Airports, and so many more places. As good as our first responders are they will not be there when you them. Everyone has the responsibility to protect themselves and the one in their charge. I started this letter with the idea I would make it short. Unforchantly this is not a subject we will ever run out of material for. So I will end it here, I hope this contest can produce some worthwhile ideas to stop the useless killing and pain. New parents, it's up to you. Shortly us older parents and Grandparents will be leaving and this is not the world you want to inherit. God Bless us all.

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