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The Setup Shop Cars Cars Cars
West Boca Karate Center
 Cars of the fifties 50s
 Cars of the sixties 60s

Competitors $25 Entry, Prize 50% Of All Entries

Quick start video.

Please note: we only accept the URL of a youtube video, place your personal video on youtube and get the URL to participate. 

You have four minutes to tell us your story, answer the question take us around your machine, pop the hood, and show us the interior. 

The contest will be judged, on the story, period (did owner dress up)

Question: Who was your girlfriend or boyfriend at the time you owned the car?

Question: What was the motivating factor for buying the car?

Question: Has this car ever seen the outside of a drive-in theater?

Question: How long did you own it for?

Question: Why do you own it now?

Question: Is the car for sale?

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