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Meccanoid Personal Robots
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 Open Category (Anything Goes)

Open what have you done to enhance your robot?

This June, from the 1 to the 25th, we will hold our first of many Robot Contests. Our first robot, will be, the Meccanoid Robot by Meccano. This GREAT Robot is OPEN Source and will prove to be a robot enthusiasts dream.

I would like to invite you, to join robot enthusiasts from around the world, in what will be a very simple project at first however, what come later can be exactly what you have been waiting for.  For now, stay tune to the contest for more challenging categories as they are added between now and CONTEST TIME,

Our first Category, asks to see your most creative upgrades “open and anything goes” this is sure to be exciting. Our second category will have your robot dancing to the tunes of today and yester year.

Check our website to see more categories.

To join this event is $25 which makes you an annual member of our website and, also pays your entry fee into this event. You will need to make a short not longer than 4 min. video, showing us what you have been able to do. Now send your video to Youtube, get the URL, and bring the URL back to our website

You can go here for how to get started, Have fun!

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