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West Boca Karate Since 1986

Thank you for your inquiry. My number is 482-9049 at present; we offer a starter program for $79.95. It is a one month program, comes with a total of 8 virtual classes. Here is my schedule W, 4 pm, and Saturday at 1 pm. Thank you. We also offer virtual school at tour studio for $8 an hour from 8 am to 3pm or 8 am to 6pm.

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Our avatar will explain why West Boca Karate is the number one choice in Boca Raton.

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Let us set a time to talk and put a competition together between our schools. FUN!

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Established in 1986



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Our school loves to break things.

Summer Camp

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Why Compete? Competitions are about a lot more than great prizes and having fun. They allow participants to learn, show their talent and skills, compare their results, and share with the world. Go all in! It is worth the time and effort. In the end, you will have made new friends, learned some theory, and got some hands-on experience.

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Welcome to THe North American Tang Soo Do Store.

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Stories Of Wisdom For Children: https://storiesofwisdom.xfunnels.io/

Tang Soo Do Workbook: https://tsdworkbook.xfunnels.io/

Internet Essentials: https:/https://internetessentials.xfunnels.io/

North American Tang Soo Do Federation Website: http://tman.com/NATSDF/natsdf/


Welcome to the store.Here you will find products for sale. Can provide a short write-up items they would like to sell online to students and owners of other schools. A video may also be used to present items. Digital content can be sold from your admin area in "Shared Content".