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Time A Little Tight? Our Virtual Team Trains With Master Tramontano Weekly.


Master Ron Tramontano has taken the next step in training in the martial arts. WBK Virtual is the next big thing to hit our community. West Boca Karate has been around a long time. If your parents took karate, they probably took it here.

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Why Train In The Martial Arts? Training is a lot more than just getting in shape. It is more about a road less taken by many. A way to see the world in your own capable hands.

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Advertisers: This is a new launch of West Boca Karate Virtual. Our unique service is designed for local advertisers. West Boca Karate has been in the Loggers Run Shoppes since 1986. Contact Master Tramontano at: 561-629-6005

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Please fill out our visitor registration form to be able to vote for that special student. Registered visitors can give that special student the maximum amount of votes, while visitors that do not register will only be able to provide the minimum vote.

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Serious Times.

In this very serious time making good choices for your family will get you all over this adventure and on to the next. Thank you, and stay safe.


Our destiny in life is not only governed by the choices we make but by also the choices we fail to make. Choose to stay fit.

Staying Fit.

Stay focused especially now at this time of the COVID-19 quarantine. Exercising and staying fit are not an option any longer. Parents, the online courses here have taken many years of development please use them to keep yourself healthy.

To be able to continue training, testing, and rank.

The following web addresses I am giving you should be kept safe and regularly visited by you and your family. Website address is for students wanting to continue their training toward Black Belt Excellence.

For Working Parents.

We also offer virtual programs at our studio . Monthly sessions are available for parents and children with time restraints. 561-629-6005 Thank you.

West Boca Karate Was EST. 1986

Thank you for your inquiry. My number is 561-629-6005. We offer a one-week virtual starter program for $1.00 Train With Grand Master Ron Tramontano, From Anywhere In The World Using The Newest In Virtual Technology.

If you have any query, Contact us..

Owners Can Build Businesses To Sell.

The Businesses Below Are All For Sale By Owners

All sites are functional, and ready to be used. Cost is $500 call 561-629-6005 for the keys.

West Boca Karate


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