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Ron Tramontano's WBK Virtual

Executive Summary

Ron Tramontano is the CEO of Virtual Competitions Online Platform (; he is also chairman and founder of the North American Tang Soo Do Federation. In the early 90's Master Tramontano, served as the President of The Martial Arts Network Online, a 24/7 cable television network with offices at Universal Studios Florida At this same time, and in support of his television network, Master Tramontano started a publicly-traded company during the dot com era called Tmanglobal. Ron is a successful entrepreneur, businessman, and has authored four books dealing with martial arts to a diet for overweight children. As another interesting note during this time, as he was putting his 24/7 television network, he wrote three screenplays he calls, "The Time Master Trilogy." Ron is in the IMDB Database as a director and actor, known for Women and Children Go Missing Everyday: Watch How (2010) and contributor to Masters of the Martial Arts Presented by Wesley Snipes (1998). Ron is a Vietnam Veteran and has attended a year at West Points Military Academy, licensed as a private pilot and dedicated amateur ham radio operator, call sign (KN4AWO). Master Tramontano teaches and oversees the instruction of over eight hundred students and 160 black belts a week at his facility, in Boca Raton, Florida "West Boca Karate," established in 1986. 

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